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TMT Communications and Information Systems Kick-off Meetings


Pasadena, CA (May 25, 2017) – Managers and technical representatives of TMT and Sev1Tech Inc., an IT consulting firm, recently gathered at TMT’s Project Office for a detailed overview of the scope of TMT’s Communications and Information Systems (CIS).

The goal of the three-day workshop meeting was to discuss and review the technical requirements and dependencies between CIS and the rest of the observatory systems, including the telescope control systems, the telescope enclosure, the scientific instruments, laser and adaptive optics facilities, and the observatory operations safety systems.

As part of the CIS conceptual design, Sev1Tech will provide strategic guidance on all aspects of IT, network design and cyber-security throughout the TMT observatory system and the TMT facilities (summit, technical and science operations facilities, laboratories, site monitoring stations and data archive). CIS encompasses the IT hardware, software, and network cabling necessary to establish the observatory communications backbone and secure optimal and reliable data flow between all its subsystems.

TMT must maintain optimal technical and scientific operations for at least 50 years. As a result, Sev1Tech’s CIS conceptual design will consider long-term maintenance and availability strategies for all CIS components, as well as a robust cyber-security solution based on industry best practices and standards.

A review of the CIS conceptual design is planned for late 2017 in Pasadena.

TMT software and system engineers and instrument group leaders meet with Sev1Tech representatives to kickoff TMT’s Communications and Information Systems conceptual design phase.


Meeting with Sev1Tech’s experts who will help to develop the conceptual design of TMT Communications and Information System. From left: Eric Chisholm, Vlad Aleksiev, Gelys Trancho, Corinne Boyer, Chris Johnson, Jessica Turner, Hanne Buur, Lianqi Wang, Jason Weiss. Remote participants: Scott Robert, Kim Gillies, Ed Chapin, Malcolm Smith. Image Credit: TMT International Observatory.